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  • Design, development and project organization “Article 11”, an event to raise awareness about cooperation International and the causes of conflict and its resolution through a traveling exhibition developed multimedia with COOPI, the Lombardy Region and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Design, development and project organization “Stop Solidarity. New eyes to change the world, “event awareness raising on international cooperation through video projection, traveling show developed with Ong Africa70 in partnership with state railways, Centostazioni, and Atm Metronapoli
  • Design and engineering content of the media kit for schools on the exhibition “Art.11. Italy rejects war “: Cdrom for students and methodological manual for teachers.
  • Documentary Production in 2002 on child soldiers in Sierra Leone broadcast on RAI channel.
  • Design and development communication projects, content and events. In collaboration with ONG and association ARCI, ACLI, AIBI, AFRICA 70.
  • Photo exhibition “Solvitur ambulando” in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan about Ma
  • Photo exhibition “Families of Africa”, promoted by the NGO CCM, Medical Collaboration Committee
  • Third Edition “Abracadabra!”, Event information and awareness on abandoned, promoted by Ai.Bi. NGO, Friends of the Children, in 27 Italian cities. In particular, national coordination communication.     Photo exhibition “From 4 to 21”, promoted by the NGO CCM and the town of Cuneo. dedicated to women’s work in African society.
  • Social campaign, press, “In every sky water walking” for the NGO MLFM, Motion Fight against hunger in the world.
  • Photo exhibition and CD rom “Tropical Forests” for NGOs Re.Te and province of Turin.


MAIN EXPERIENCE 2007 ­‐ 2012

  • 1995 ­‐ 2003 freelance photographer for national publications, including Repubblica, Corriere della Sera, Travel, Africa, Bell’Europa, GEOS
  • 2002 ‐ Photographer editions for De Agostini and Bolis edition
  • 2004 ­‐ 2007 -­‐ founder and executive project of the communication BuenaOnda, dedicated to the Third Secto
  • 2007 ‐ 2012 -­‐ Consultant development communication projects of the consortium Lake Maggiore holidays -­‐ first consortium of tourism promotion of Lake Maggiore. Development web portal, social networks, blogs, and printed materials directed mainly at the level of image building and promotion abroad.
  • 2012 ‐ Adviser advertising agency -­‐ media system
  • 2004 ­‐ 2008 Consultant and web development projects for the agency Photographer Genivs Loci in Milan, agency International communication specializing in luxury hotel –  www.genivs-­loci.com.
  • 2001­‐2005 ‐ freelance photographer for photo agency Franca Speranza MAIN EXPERIENCE 2012 – 2015

actually Agency founder and creative director of the agency MAGIC  www.we-magic.com

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